Super Junior-M_BREAK DOWN_Music Video

Super Junior-M is back with new 2nd album ‘BREAK DOWN!!!’ ♪ Download on iTunes (Chinese ver.): ♪ Download on iTunes (Korean ver.): (HK) (US) ☞ For a lot more Information : ☞ Super Junior-M Official Webpage ☞ SMTOWN Official Weibo: ☞ Facebook Super Junior : ☞ Facebook SMTOWN : ☞ Super Junior Official YouTube Channel : ☞ SMTOWN Official YouTube Channel : ♬ Super Junior-M_BREAK DOWN_Music Video ℗ SMEntertainment

  1. estoy aqui:BB pero yo sufri ya que estaba foreveralone.-.! xDD
    y siii hay que hablar mucho mucho…que se note nuestra grata y sexy presencia e.e!! ~Ratinas..Ratinas~xdd
    y exacto lo importante es Reproducir, y llegar a los 10millones,20,30 y asi:33 & por supuesto que hay que DISFRUTAR DE TODO!! lo que se nos muestra*-* hay que apreciarlo!!xd

  2. I love him more than you :x

  3. Donghaeeeeeeeeeeee ♥.♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i lik i like like !1 they hve to come to pru!1 please!!! dont forget of peru !1 this april 27th
    they have to make a goood concert!!!

  5. Elff foreverr and ever

  6. Donghae i love You =)

  7. unnie!!!! holaaaa =)acabo de llegar esta ahi,¿? para que no estar forever alone=(
    y hablando conmigo mismaaaaa:)
    bueno eso siii :D de que hablo habloooo:)
    el chiste es comentar o no es necesario pero pues yo lo quiero hacer:) ,bueno lo mero importante esreproducir el MV lo mas que se pueda
    y porsupuesto que no debe faltar disfrutar de nuestros sexys oppas :D

  8. Super Junior is freaking sexy!

  9. Hahahahahaha sometimes ur so evil.i think kyu is influencing u n-n.Me i like autumn and winter i hate when its hot

  10. I hate summer! Summer has bugs, I like winter cuz all the bugs die mwahahaha

  11. lol at your ugly profile pic

  12. Donghae!.. my little fish I love you^^

  13. Lol at this mv

  14. Me too i dont like summer ^_^

  15. Ryeowook oppa you are so amazing

  16. Me too!!!! I loveeee oppa oppa! I hope this time we get a real music video! I love Shindong’s but it would be more popular with a real mv

  17. Can’t wait till EunHae duo makes their comeback. I love oppa oppa<3! :D

  18. Woah! Rapid comment change!
    1 Week ago: “Ahhhh! SuJu!!!” *fangirling*
    Now: *Conversations*
    We, E.L.F., are an awesome people! XD

  19. Oki take care see u next time!!! Bye!! :-)

  20. :D animals are so kyute! ok, im literally falling asleep as i type so i’ll talk with u later on okay :) bye, take care!

  21. Hahahha!!! Then I guess u are his favorite!!! He wouldnt be sharing his germs with everybody he picks the most special one for him!!! I love animals ways to show affection

  22. Haha!!! Accidental??? I saw what u did there! ;-) lol

  23. hahaa *accidental SJ reference*

  24. ELF remember to keep voting in WMA for SJ and Geng! ^^

  25. omg i feel so sorry for u :( i hope ur weather gets better soon :) coskun has a dog so when the dog gets freaked out he decides to randomly lick me. not coskun, not the parents, but me -_- its cute, in a disgusting way :)

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