Real Player Download Button Fix – When RealPlayer Download Button Not Showing Up

How to Fix RealPlayer Download Button if it does not Appear

RealPlayer is an awesome tool used as a Youtube Downloader (to download videos off the internet) and also an amazing tool to convert youtube videos to mp3. But some users are experiencing issues with Realplayer download button not showing up on the top right corner of the videos. There are some fixes for the download button not appearing. Some will ask to change some settings in the web browser, or disable some plug-ins installed on the browser, or uninstall any software that may interfere with RealPlayer software.

Before you start uninstalling any software on your computer, watch the video tutorial to learn how to fix this RealPlayer download button issue. This method should work with all Operating System (MAC or PC). This method will work without using the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox. internet explorer or Safari.

Before you begin  to fix this download button issue, make sure you download the latest version of RealPlayer.

For MAC users, click here to download latest version
For PC users, click here to download latest verson

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